The Rescue takes in up to 200 ferrets each year. Their ages range from 2 months to 6 years. We do have families that have allergies or fall on hard times. Those folks care enough to try to get them another loving family. But not all of their stories are easy to hear. It is important however, to read about them so these ferrets may get the FOREVER HOME they need. We typically get younger ferrets in because the owners just didn't do their homework on their needs or "musky smell". Others come in due to kids loosing interest, or people just not spending enough time with them. Those ferrets typically spend the majority of their life in a cage. We have had ferrets that were abandoned in an empty apartment, while others were left in a box in a dumpster. They don't deserve to be thrown out like the trash. They have so much love to give someone that understands them. 

Why Choose Us

The rescue has been successful in raising money by holding events for the ferret community. We offer food, games and prizes which are all donated. All proceeds go to the upkeep of the rescue. We also receive money from the adoptions as well as a donation link on our website. 

We educate the public on ferret care by attending local pet expos and animal fairs. We also do adoption days at PETCO where we inform the public of shelters. We also try to keep our website updated with current information. 

If you are considering adopting a ferret, please review the website for information and to see our adorable fuzzies.

The Broward Ferret Rescue & Referral exists to rescue abandoned and surrendered ferrets where they may be placed in loving forever homes while educating the communities on their humane needs.

Dona Michaels is the Director and primary caretaker for the fuzzies at the rescue. She depends on dedicated volunteers to help with the day to day operations. With an average of 40 ferrets, the rescue is always in need of dedicated ferret knowledgeable volunteers to assist with cleaning the cages and giving the ferrets playtime. The ferrets also need their weekly grooming of nails, ears, teeth and baths. We need help with picking up surrendered ferrets or taking them to the vet for a checkup.  

Broward Ferret Rescue

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