Broward Ferret Rescue

The rescue uses and recommends this cage for a good size for 2-6 ferrets.  

This size cage is commonly sold at pet stores but it doesn't give a single ferret room to walk around. They need to stretch their legs during the day while inside their rooms.

We discourage people from letting their ferrets free roam in the home unsupervised. they can get in too many hiding places where they could get severely injured.  A free roaming ferret can find a small hole in the underside of your cabinets where they can get stuck. They could fall asleep in that lazyboy, and get injured if you decided to relax in that chair without checking.

​They do like to have the comfort of a bedroom or "their cage". They need to be let out at least twice a day for an hour each time. They can roam around while you get ready for work, and when you get home, they can roam around after dinner. 

They should have an adequate size cage. They should an area for litter or newspapers. This should be away from their food and water. They should have a separate spot to sleep. It is important that they have an area to walk around. If they are going to spend most of their time in a cage, they shouldn't be cramped in one spot.